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Company Mission

Reiss-Landreau Research of Yakima, Washington provides compliance survey and analysis of potential for projects where cultural resources work is mandated.  Archaeologists for Reiss-Landreau Research meet and exceed U.S. (36 CFR part 61) standards for archaeological research and qualifications.  We are listed on the Washington, Oregon and Idaho lists of State approved archaeological contractors.

Reiss-Landreau offers services in the following areas:


  • RLR has conducted both archaeological and Historic preservation Projects in fulfillment of the national environmental policy act (NEPA), Washington State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA), the National Historic Preservation act (NHPA), and other federal laws.  We meet the Secretary of Interior Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation, and 100% of our projects thus far have been toward the fulfillment of those various regulations.  We follow all State and Federal reporting guidelines during the course of our projects.
  • We routinely make NRHP Eligibility determinations, and have the State of Washington Access Database in our offices, and will provide full documentation of any historic sites or structures during the course of this service contract.
  • We are familiar with, and have conducted both pre-planning technical reviews, as well as post-project treatment plans for the preservation of Historic Places.
  • We have been involved in several instances of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) development, planning and execution this year with our work on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.
  • We are a full service archaeological company, provisioned for all manner of field investigation, as well as lab space for temporary curation and analysis. Additionally, we utilize GIS (ESRI) systems to provide accurate mapping.
  • Though much of our work is in Eastern Washington State, we utilize the DAHP archives in Olympia, and are comfortable with project research throughout the State.
  • Christopher Landreau was a liaison assigned to the Mid-Columbia, Army Corps of Engineers, Cultural resources consultation group, throughout his tenure with the Yakima Nation.  He was also a working group member on the Chelan County PUD, Lake Chelan, and Rocky Reach Dam re-licensing consultation groups. He is both comfortable and adept at consultation with multi-agency and tribal group meetings.  Also, he has presented papers at several professional conferences, and would be available for such after any major work conducted as a result of this project.
  • Reiss-Landreau Research has completed both State of Washington, and Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) permits for subsurface archaeological investigation as necessary.
  • Finally RLR will provide additional services on a sub-contracted basis when necessary. Services such as radiocarbon or accelerator dating may become essential, as well as soils, and geological analysis, faunal analysis, osteological analysis, tool hydrations, floral analysis, etc. We will facilitate those undertakings as negotiated under each Task Order.




We provide compliance survey and analysis of potential for projects where such work is mandated. We look to provide intensive and accurate reporting of our collective cultural history through thorough field and lab method. We look to provide clients with a professional survey conducted in a timely manner.


Our group organization is optimized to use the unique talents of our crew. We generally will operate with a small unit in the field and for report construction, and will hire additional personnel as is required by the size of any particular job. We use a single project manager in the field and in the lab for every project, and usually utilize a land use historian and one or more field technicians.


All of our work is vetted through an experienced staff in a standard internal review process. We also allow comments and corrections from our clients prior to a formal submittal.


Reiss-Landreau Research utilizes advanced GPS Motion X hardware and software in the field for accurate point identification and data logging.  We also use ESRI software systems including ARC-MAP for office map production.  We utilize state of the art archaeological field equipment, including base excavation screens (both 1/8th inch and ¼ inch hardware cloth), core sampling tools, floral analysis floats, and a full array of office lab equipment for detailed analysis. Our lab also includes sample export capability for detailed obsidian hydration, as well as for the export of preserved carbon for C-14 studies by Beta Analytic Inc.  All subsurface work is point provenienced where possible and cultural material is recorded in situ in all 1 X 1 meter excavations.  We use High definition digital photography for all of our work, and field notes are available for all projects in digital formats.


We utilize State of Washington endorsed field methodology from the revised 2010 regulations, including inventory, monitoring, and data recovery, and consult with the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) on a regular basis during the conduct of most of our projects. We have had many projects involving detailed and thorough subsurface excavations.